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Lyre’s was created to change the way the world drinks and give freedom of choice. We’ve all encountered social situations where we would like, enjoy a drink, but for one reason or another, a non-alcoholic option is a good choice. The unique Lyre’s range of premium non-alcoholic variants contain the same natural essences, extracts and distillates that match the aroma, taste and appearance you find within time tested classics. Only Lyre’s can transform a broad range of mixed drinks and cocktails into a non-alcoholic version with most of the building blocks covered. More and more people across the globe are seeking mindful drinking options, and Lyre’s non-alcoholic range of spirits means you can still enjoy a sophisticated drink. To enjoy the freedom to have your drink, your way, simply choose your drink and just Make it a Lyre’s.

The name is inspired by the Australian Lyrebird, the world’s greatest mimic, and you can find our mascot, Horatio, wearing a top hat on the necks of our bottles. The Lyrebird can mimic other birdsong, all kinds of sounds, even the ring of a mobile phone. We believe our range is the world’s most successful mimic of the classic style of spirits, in a non-alcohol version. So, we take our inspiration from the Lyrebird in the brand and we dubbed our spirits ‘Lyre’s’

Curious to see the Lyrebird in action? Here are some links you can share to show the amazing Lyrebird from which we take our inspiration:

Lyre’s tastes just like the style of the classic spirit that we are paying a homage to. By taking the time to identify the distinct aromas, tastes and visual appearance you find across each style, we have been able to source the best all-natural essences, extracts and distillates from around the globe and blend them to match our own flavour architecture. No one brand is used as a reference, rather the best characteristics across the style are represented in our version of the classic.

Lyre’s is incredibly challenging to craft – from our expert deconstruction of the elements that make the time-honored classic flavours, to the meticulous sourcing of every all-natural, unique essence, extract and distillate from around the globe, to the development of our own proprietary non-alcoholic base. We take great pride in the drinks that Lyre’s has created and want people to recognize our commitment to bring these classic drinks to people looking to make mindful choices. It’s part of the reason why we are a premium product in that we lead the development of this new category, giving people the social freedom by making possible what was previously impossible available across the globe.

The Lyre’s range is classified as non-alcoholic, meaning they contain 0.5% ABV (Alcohol By Volume) or less. Lyre’s is like many beverages – Orange Juice or Kombucha for example, in that it contains trace amounts of alcohol. You’ll even find similar levels (or higher) amounts of alcohol in foods like bread or ripe fruit. True story!

Lyre’s doesn’t claim 0.0% ABV, but instead claims that it is non-alcoholic spirit, given the ultra-low volumes of trace alcohol in our beverage (less than 0.5% ABV). We note non-alcoholic beverage classification can vary from country to country, but legislation typically falls between a maximum alcohol content of 0.5% ABV and 1.2% ABV to be considered a non-alcoholic beverage. We do know that some online resellers are advertising our range, as well as other non-alcoholic spirits as 0.0% ABV, which is incorrect. Please let us know if you come across this.

Lyre’s is a product designed for the enjoyment of adult tastes. The product has been created for people of legal drinking age looking for a sophisticated non-alcohol alternative. While it may technically cause no harm, Lyre’s in no way endorses or encourages consumption of our product by anyone who is not of legal drinking age.






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